2014 Oil & Gas Exploration Hotspots


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2014 Oil & Gas Exploration Hotspots
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Our research suggests that capital investment in the upstream sector will decline in 2014, as a number of the supermajors and larger independents seek to consolidate gains from the ramp-up in investment. Nevertheless, despite the downshifting project cycle, there are a number of countries and regions in the upstream space that will buck this trend and are likely to see a substantial uptick in new investment and drilling activity in the year ahead. A mix of emerging and re-emerging plays, we believe that these 'global hotspots' are well positioned to benefit from a unique combination of favourable regulatory environments and/or high below-ground prospectivity - set to be unlocked by new technology…

Business Monitor International (BMI) has published a Special Report - 2014 Oil & Gas Exploration Hotspots - highlighting our top five picks for oil and gas 'global hotspots' in 2014.

In this report, we have selected those countries and regions which we believe are set to see the greatest growth in new investment and drilling activity in the year ahead. A mix of emerging and re-emerging plays - these include the Gulf of Mexico, New Zealand, Morocco and the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale play, as well as those showing substantial promise, but where above ground risks leave us cautious - namely, Russia's Bazhenov shale play. Finally, on our watch list but not quite making the cut is Argentina, where momentum is gathering for a successful 2014 on the back of a series of modest reforms.

After having identified the plays, we examine these countries' operating environments in greater detail, looking at both above and below-ground factors. We highlight issues ranging from any new political and regulatory improvements, to advances in technology which have helped to circumvent geologic challenges - all with an eye towards explaining why these are our top picks.

The report draws upon BMI’s substantial expertise in oil and gas to provide a broad overview of global exploration trends. Highlighting our favourite markets, we make it easy for companies with a sweeping scope to narrow in on the most dynamics markets in this space. The report benefits from BMI’s 30 years of experience to critically evaluate the outlook for those top five oil and gas hotspots in 2014, helping you assess the role they could play in your company’s growth strategy going forward.