Africa Monitor - East and Central Africa

Published 19 November 2015 | Monthly

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Africa Monitor - East and Central Africa
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Part of the Africa Monitor series of newsletters, East and Central Africa Monitor provides a source of prime intelligence on the Republic of the Congo, the DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. It gives you advance warning of key changes in the business environment; regular appraisals of country risk; clear insights into economic and financial trends; and competitive intelligence on company and industry-wide developments and opportunities.

With succinct country-by-country analyses, hard-to-find data, and authoritative 24-month forecasts covering government, economy, finance and the business environment, East and Central Africa Monitor is the answer to your strategic information needs on this key African region.

All Monitor subscriptions include password access to the publication online, with the ability to search across archives and download pdf versions of current and back issues.