Cashing In On Crops: Opportunities In Global Crop Inputs


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Cashing In On Crops: Opportunities In Global Crop Inputs
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The last several years have been tumultuous for the agriculture industry, with global crop inputs at the forefront of the changes. Fertiliser prices rose significantly during the 2007 food crisis, while seed companies and machinery manufacturers saw their share prices and valuations reach record levels. We believe the era of record agricultural prices is over for the medium term, and this will lead to a more challenging environment for input demand. However, not all inputs are created equal, and we see various opportunities and risks depending on the input

 Business Monitor International (BMI) has just published a brand new Special Report laying out key views for global crop inputs, including machinery, fertilisers, and genetically modified seeds.

The report focuses on regional outlooks for each of the main sub-sectors as well as implications for the main companies involved. The sectors covered include commodities and agribusiness.

Key topics evaluated include:

  • Which region is likely to see the strongest growth in fertiliser demand?
  • How will political risk impact potash production in Eastern Europe?
  • How will machinery and seed companies adjust to expectations for lower crop prices?
  • A case study on the strategy of Agrium, a North American fertiliser producer.
  • Which frontier markets look poised to increase demand for crop inputs?
  • How much will usage of GM crops aid Asian food self-sufficiency?

The Special Report draws upon BMI’s expertise to provide integration of our country risk and industry analysis. The views are integrated, forward looking and independent,  helping you to assess the role they could play in your company’s growth strategy for 2014 and beyond.

The breadth of our sector analysis, data and forecasts makes this report an invaluable guide to critical themes for the agribusiness industry over the coming years.