China 2012: From Miracle To Meltdown


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China 2012: From Miracle To Meltdown
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"Several years of poor capital allocation will have to be unwound eventually, leading to much slower headline expansion, and with the global economy stuttering in H211, Business Monitor International (BMI) cautions that 2012 could yet be the year of the Chinese 'hard landing'..."

What is the likelihood of China's economy rapidly going from boom to bust in 2012? What would be the impact on different sectors and asset markets? The special report, 'China 2012: From Miracle To Meltdown', answers these questions and more.

The report features detailed analysis on how the slowdown in China's economy will play out, and which sectors will be hardest hit. This can be used to aid your strategic and business planning activities over the short, medium and long term.

BMI finds the case for a severe growth collapse in China more credible now than at any point in recent history. Given the importance of China to the global economy, this report is a must read for global investors from the corporate to the financial sector.

Use the report to support your investment decision-making and risk planning, by answering questions such as:

  • With China's housing market exhibiting signs typically seen at the end of a bubble, will prices begin to fall soon as developers look to offload inventory? By what percentage do house prices need to correct by nationwide before price excesses are unwound?
  • As the repayment capacity of loans given to local government investment vehicles increasingly comes under threat, what will be the impact on China's banking system?
  • Will the Chinese consumer be able to shoulder the burden of growth in the event of a pronounced correction in investment spending, a slump in exports and banking sector instability?
  • What would be the impact of a Chinese hard landing on the regional economy, and which country would be the most adversely effected?
  • Are regional asset markets priced for a sharp slowdown in China? How will financial equities perform? Will Australian risk assets be tossed into a bear market by the deflationary forces? Are consensus expectations of continued Yuan strength likely to be met?