Container Shipping: 2014 Looking Stronger


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Container Shipping: 2014 Looking Stronger
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An improving global macroeconomic outlook in 2014 will support the continuing recovery in the container shipping sector and this stronger global demand outlook coupled with a slowing in new vessel launches offers a climate for higher rates and with it improving bottom lines for container shipping lines. Demand for container cargoes will be bolstered by our growth projections for the key global consumer markets of Europe and the US. This will have a positive impact on the box shipping sector as the container routes that cater for the demand of these consumer markets, the Asia-Europe and the transpacific box routes, are the sector's main business.

Business Monitor International (BMI) has just published a brand new Special Report "Container Shipping: 2014 Looking Stronger" examining the outlook for the container shipping sector in 2014.

We detail our outlook of the container shipping sector in 2014 looking closely at the supply and demand dynamics and what this will mean for freight rates and those involved in the sector. We believe that the recovery will continue in 2014 and that the outlook is starting to improve as demand increases, while supply is set to slow down. This offers a stronger rate outlook and with it improved bottom lines for container shipping firms.

The industry has seen a tough few years and we believe that 2014 will mark the beginning of a revival in the container shipping sector, with the performance of shipping lines set to improve and by extension sectors associated with shipping, such as shipbuilding will also benefit.

The Special Report has been produced using BMI’s international shipping and freight transport expertise to provide a detailed analysis of what 2014 holds for the container shipping sector. It draws on BMI’s 30 years of experience to critically evaluate the outlook for the sector, helping you assess the role this could play in your company’s growth strategy for 2014 and beyond.