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Report includes: BMI Industry View, Industry SWOT Analysis, Industry Forecasts, Industry Forecast Scenario and Business Environment Rankings.

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Croatia Consumer Electronics Report
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BMI View: The Croatian consumer electronics market has been a regional underperformer with the economy in recession over 2009-2014, accompanied by kuna depreciation against the US dollar that extended into 2015. Our medium- term outlook is brighter, enabled by a return to GDP and consumption growth and kuna appreciation forecast for 2017-2020, that will underpin a consumer electronics CAGR of 3.7% over 2016-2020. Stronger sentiment and rising household incomes will boost the market as a whole, while we identify more specific opportunities in device categories with relatively low penetra tion rates such as tablets, hybrid notebooks, smartphones and smart TVs .

As Economy Strengthens, So Will Devices Spending
Consumer Electronics Forecast By Segment
e/f = BMI estimate/forecast. Source: BMI

Latest Updates & Industry Developments

  • Computer Hardware Sales: USD265mn in 2016 to USD307mn in 2020, a CAGR of 3.7%. The market is replacement centric, with PC ownership widespread, and as such it is personal devices that we expect to benefit from a more supportive economic environment over the medium term.

  • AV Sales: USD232mn in 2016 to USD268mn in 2020, a CAGR of 3.6%. Smart TV upgrades, Ultra-HD in the high income niche, and a slower rate of digital camera cannibalisation will support stronger performance.

  • Handset Sales: USD315mn in 2016 to USD350mn in 2020, a CAGR of 3.8%. Smartphone upgrade demand will underpin handset outperformance, but as the market becomes increasingly saturated the growth rate will decelerate in the later years of the forecast.

BMI Industry View
Latest Updates & Industry Developments
Consumer Electronics Market
Industry Forecast
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
Table: Consumer Electronics Overview (Croatia 2014-2020)
Industry Risk Reward Index
Table: Consumer Electronics Ratings Regional Breakdown, Q216
Table: Europe Risk/Rewards Index - Q2 2016
Market Overview
Recent Developments
Table: PC Sales (Croatia 2014-2020)
AV Devices
Table: AV Sales (Croatia 2014-2020)
Mobile Handsets
Table: Mobile Communications (Croatia 2014-2020)
Industry Trends And Developments
Table: Croatian Distributors For Leading Brands
Regulatory Development
Competitive Landscape
Table: Combis
Table: HG Spot Informatika
Table: IN2 Group
Table: M SAN Grupa
Demographic Forecast
Table: Population Headline Indicators (Croatia 1990-2025)
Table: Key Population Ratios (Croatia 1990-2025)
Table: Urban/Rural Population & Life Expectancy (Croatia 1990-2025)
Table: Population By Age Group (Croatia 1990-2025)
Table: Population By Age Group % (Croatia 1990-2025)
Industry Forecast Methodology
Sector-Specific Methodology
Risk/Reward Index Methodology
Sector-Specific Methodology
Table: Consumer Electronics Risk/Reward Index Indicators
Table: Weighting Of Indicators

The Croatia Consumer Electronics Report has been researched at source and features latest-available data covering both the manufacture and sale of consumer electronics products, critically analysing - and forecasting - the market dynamics affecting each sub-sector, including audio-visual, computers, mobile handsets, gaming and automotives electronics. Furthermore, the report analyses the domestic and global economic trends driving device demand and provides company rankings and competitive landscapes covering leading multinational and national consumer electronics companies and analysis of latest industry news and trends in Croatia.

BMI Research's Croatia Consumer Electronics Report provides industry professionals and strategists, sector analysts, business investors, trade associations and regulatory bodies with independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on the consumer electronics industry in Croatia.

Key Benefits

  • Benchmark BMI's independent consumer electronics industry forecasts for Croatia to test other views - a key input for successful budgeting and strategic business planning in the Croatian consumer electronics market.
  • Target business opportunities and risks in Croatia through our reviews of latest industry trends and major deals, projects and investments.
  • Exploit the latest competitive intelligence with company SWOT analyses.


BMI Industry View

Summary of BMI's key industry forecasts, views and trend analysis covering consumer electronics, major investments and projects.

Consumer Electronics Market

Analysis of the size of the domestic market for electronics products, with in-depth assessment and data covering the dynamics driving each sub-sector; audio-visual, computers, mobile phone handsets and gaming devices, as well as demand for automotives electronics.

Electronics Industry

Analysis and data of the domestic electronics manufacturing sector. We assess the regulatory and business operational issues facing manufacturers - including openness to foreign investment, infrastructure, IP issues and the global demand context - and their impact on the production of electronics goods, which is again broken down via market sub-sectors.

Industry Forecast Scenario

Historic data series and forecasts to end-2018 for all key industry and economic indicators (see list below), supported by explicit assumptions, plus analysis of key risks to the main forecast, covering computers, communications and gaming devices. Indicators include:

Industry value (US$bn); population (mn); nominal GDP (US$bn); real GDP growth (%), GDP per capita, industrial production Index (% y-o-y ave.) unemployment % of labour force.

Business Environment Rankings

BMI's Consumer Electronics Business Environment Rankings provide a country-comparative Risk-Reward Rankings index aimed at investors and participants in the regional consumer electronics market. The rankings methodology makes sophisticated use of over 40 industry, economic and demographic data points.