Dry Bulk Rates Struggling As Supply And Demand Imbalance Continues


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Dry Bulk Rates Struggling As Supply And Demand Imbalance Continues
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"With dry bulk rates remaining depressed and concerns growing about a possible fall-off in Chinese demand for imports of coal and iron ore, Business Monitor International (BMI)'s view on the dry bulk sector remains bearish. The sector remains highly dependent on Chinese demand, as demonstrated by the fact that the Baltic Dry Index reached a 25-year low in February when China stopped importing dry bulk goods during the New Year holiday. This dependency is set to remain an area of weakness for dry bulk shipping going forward and we see no recovery on the horizon for the sector..."

Business Monitor International (BMI) has just published 'Dry Bulk Rates Struggling As Supply And Demand Imbalance Continues', a brand new special report that offers an in-depth assessment of the challenges that the global dry bulk shipping sector is set to face in 2012 and over the medium term.

The report examines the outlook for the dry bulk shipping sector for the year ahead, following a disastrous start to 2012 when the Baltic Dry Index hit a 25 year low due to an over-supply of vessels, exacerbated by slack Chinese demand in the run-up to the Chinese New Year holiday, highlighting the sector's dangerous dependency on China.

Written for those with commercial interests in the dry bulk shipping sector, the report can be used to assess the outlook for 2012, understand the exposure of your company and that of your competitors to the market changes, identify the implications of the various strategies in play in the sector and benchmark other analysis.

Use BMI's core views on dry bulk shipping to enhance your investment decision-making and risk planning, by answering questions such as:

  • Will there be a further slowdown in Chinese demand for the year ahead? What implications would such a slowdown have on the sector?
  • How long will overcapacity continue to plague the box shipping sector, especially as lines take advantage of low new build prices to boost fleet sizes?
  • Will record levels of scrapping be enough to reduce declining overcapacity and rates, as more tonnage comes online over the course of 2012 and beyond?
  • What are the threats to Vale's mega-vessel strategy?
  • Given the growing pressures from both supply and demand side for the sector, what is the outlook for companies exposed to the dry bulk shipping sector?

The report draws on BMI's 27 years of experience to critically assess the outlook for dry bulk shipping in the year to come, helping you assess the opportunities and risks for your business in 2012 and beyond.