Eurozone Special Report: Odds Of Survival Narrowing To 50:50

Published 02 August 2012

  • 72 pages
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Eurozone Special Report: Odds Of Survival Narrowing To 50:50

"Business Monitor International (BMI) believes that the odds of the eurozone surviving have worsened to 50:50. At this stage resolution depends entirely on the political will to accept a marketed dilution of sovereignty of individual Member States to the Federal-level institutions of the European Union. More specifically, the outcome depends on the decisions taken by a handful of policymakers..."

BMI's leading country risk analysts have just published the 'Eurozone Special Report: Odds Of Survival Narrowing To 50:50', a brand new special report examining the future of the eurozone. The report provides you with key analysis from 2010 to the present day, with the very latest assessment of the eurozone's economic and political outlook, in order to help you assess the potential risks faced by the region as a whole, along with key individual member states.

With constant developments to the eurozone situation, BMI's core scenario - based on analysis spanning the last two and a half years - is a reliable source of intelligence in order to help you understand the implications of possible directions the crisis could take, and to best prepare you for what we believe to be the most likely scenario.

Use BMI's core views from the report to support your investment decision-making and risk planning activities, answering key questions, such as:

  • Will the eurozone hold together despite the current crises? What possible break up scenarios exist and which are most favourable? Or does it possess sufficient resources to overcome its biggest crisis? What obstacles stand in the way of it unlocking these resources?
  • Will the euro currency union survive? What changes are required to ensure survival?
  • With acute funding pressures remaining within the regional banking sector and the implications of the increasingly prevalent trend of negative interest rates within developed states, will the regional debt market continue to suffer on the LTRO?
  • What will be the overall political and geopolitical consequences for Europe of the sovereign debt crisis, and which are the key states that may require bail-out or assistance?
  • And what specifically does the future hold for Greece?

The report takes a scenario driven approach to determine what the future holds for the eurozone in both the short, medium and longer term, drawing on BMI's 27-years experience, to help you assess the opportunities and impact on your business for the end of 2012 and beyond.

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