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BMI Research's Food & Drink Reports provide latest available data, expert analysis and our independent 5-year forecasts for key Caribbean, Caribbean markets. Each country report covers political risk, the business environment, and macroeconomic and industry prospects set against assumptions for the global economy.

Key Uses of Food & Drink Reports

  • Forecast the pace and stability of each Caribbean, Caribbean country's economic and industry growth
  • Identify and evaluate adverse political and economic trends in key markets, to facilitate risk mitigation strategies
  • Assess critical shortcomings of each Caribbean, Caribbean country's business environment that pose hidden barriers and costs to corporate profitability
  • Contextualise individual Caribbean, Caribbean country risks against their Caribbean, Caribbean regional peers using BMI's country-comparative risk ratings system
  • Target business opportunities in the key-growth industry sectors
  • Evaluate external threats to doing business in each Caribbean, Caribbean country, including currency volatility, the commodity price boom and protectionist policies


Economic forecast and recent performance: BMI's macroeconomic forecasts, broken down in detail by principal indicators: recent employment/unemployment trends, main determinants of CPI, forecasts for annual average and end-year inflation; analysis of exchange rate regime (nominal/real, official/black), recent interest rate trends; economic activity, balance of payments, monetary policy, exchange rate policy, fiscal policy, foreign direct investment, external debt and global assumptions.

Background to economy and policy-making environment: market size, economic structure, macroeconomic trends from 1970s to 2011 covering growth performance, inflation, external accounts, foreign indebtedness and assets.

Today's economic policy environment: The government's current macroeconomic strategy and likely implementation problems; fiscal and monetary policies liable to change over forecast period.

Structural economic reforms: Government policy toward import/export sector, public sector (privatisation and market deregulation), capital markets, foreign direct investment, domestic investment (infrastructure, social spending, education, R&D, etc.) and foreign portfolio investment. Key problem areas: Control of inflation and public spending, managing growth, foreign reserves position, infrastructure bottlenecks, closed areas of economy, regional disparities.


Political forecast: BMI's assessment of political risk over the coming years, with analysis of the key factors that will impact on the forecast scenario.

Governing system: Balance of power between executive, congress, parliament, state/provinces. Incumbent administration, key personalities and policy-makers.

Political stability: Recent elections and future timetable, prospects for constitutional reform; effectiveness of opposition parties, likely impact of government changes on business; role of public and private sector unions, political role of the military; long-term threats to stability; risks of civil rest or insurgency.

International trade and foreign relations: International trade and geopolitical factors driving foreign policy; relations with US, Europe and Japan; trade blocs and multilateral organisations.


External sector forecast: BMI's 5-year forecast for the external sector, broken down by imports, exports, services, current account, reserves, external debt and finances.

Recent trends in merchandise trade: Key exports/imports by commodity and partner, trends in invisibles account (shipping, tourism, insurance), analysis of current account.

Status of foreign reserves, import cover, foreign investment and debt: Principal sources of foreign financing; impact of current account financing on economic policy; structure of external debt and major creditors, external debt projections over forecast period (absolute, % of GDP, % of exports) and likelihood of rescheduling/debt problems over forecast period; foreign assets position.


BMI's global economic forecast and impact on the economy: BMI's 5-year forecast for the global economy: growth, inflation, trade, interest rates, exchange rates, commodity prices; the impact of the United States, China, Japan and the eurozone.


Performance, policy and 5-year forecast for key leading industry sectors, including:

  • Autos
  • Defence & Security
  • Food & Drink
  • Freight Transport
  • Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • Telecommunications

N.B. each country report content will vary, please refer to the table of contents for details on report content.

Who Buys the Food & Drink Reports And Why?

"BMI's Caribbean, Caribbean has proved to be what we were seeking for our strategic planning process. The most useful sections for our purpose are the Economic Forecast and the Key Economic Sectors, which will support my team to update our strategic planning for the next 5 years."

Chief Operating Officer, PSV Company, Romania

The Caribbean, Caribbean Food & Drink Reports are an essential tool for CEOs, Chairmen, Finance Directors/CFOs, Managing Directors, and Marketing/Sales Directors with commercial interests, helping to identify opportunities, manage risk and plan strategy.

Our Food & Drink Reports are relied upon by corporates, banks, government departments and multinational organisations around the world.

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