Fracking Goes Global: State Of Play and Outlook


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Fracking Goes Global: State Of Play and Outlook
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‘The proliferation of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) techniques for oil and gas extraction has had a tremendous effect on the energy sector. The EIA estimates that global technically recoverable shale gas resources could be 187 trillion cubic meters (equivalent to 53 times the current global annual production). Over 2012, it became apparent that technological advancements have broken previous barriers to unveil a new reality for the global energy sector... ‘

Business Monitor International (BMI) has just published the brand new sizeable special report ‘Fracking Goes Global: State of Play and Outlook’, which looks at the developments, opportunities and outlook for the global unconventional oil & gas sector, focusing on the proliferation of fracking techniques and the impact this will have on the current outlook for industries and economies.

The majority of the discussion in this new report centres around shale formations, as the area that the industry is broadly focusing its resources towards, and where we have the greatest pool of data available for a quantitative and qualitative global assessment; as well as focussing on the US as the place where the fracking technique first began. The report also importantly analyses markets outside of the US to create a global view by examining the developments, obstructions, opportunities and risks in the different regions.

Exploit the core views of BMI’s expert Oil & Gas analysts in the report to support your investment decision-making and risk-planning activities, with the report answering key questions, such as:

  • How do the attitudes towards fracking differ between Western and Eastern Europe, and how will this play out?
  • What are the risks to Latin American development within the industry?
  • How does the picture for shale exploration and production look in Asia, and what are the strategies of the key markets?
  • How will infrastructure and fiscal challenges impact efforts to tap Africa’s shale gas?
  • What do the exploration activities in the Mississippian Lime hold for the United States’ Energy sector?

The special report draws on BMI’s 28 years of experience to critically assess the proliferation of hydraulic fracturing techniques and the global energy dynamics, which in turn supports you in assessing the opportunities and challenges for your business operations in 2013 and beyond.