Frontier Mining: Big Opportunities In New Markets


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Frontier Mining: Big Opportunities In New Markets
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"A number of factors have combined to convince major mining multi-nationals that the potential benefits from investing in frontier countries increasingly outweigh the risks"

What are the factors driving investment in frontier countries? Which frontier countries offer the biggest benefits and fewest risks to investors and mining companies? The special report, `Frontier Mining: Big Opportunities In New Markets', answers these questions and more.

The report contains mining sector forecasts for 9 key countries across 4 continents, and highlights some of the most exciting growth areas in the mining industry, helping you to identify which frontier markets are set to experience major growth. As infrastructure is closely linked to the mining industry, the report also analyses the infrastructure markets and related challenges, and how these might impact investment opportunities.

With analysis of the key drivers behind the bold investments of multi-national mining firms in frontier countries, and with detailed competitive intelligence on which mining companies will be involved in significant ventures, you can use this report to enhance your understanding of the macro-drivers of the frontier investment trend and make your investment decisions with increased confidence.

Use the report to support your investment decision-making and risk planning, by answering questions such as:

  • Will high commodity prices encourage major mining firms to increasingly invest in under-exploited countries?
  • Will China continue to play a key role in investing in the mining and infrastructure sectors across the globe?
  • Do the substantial high-grade reserves possessed by many African countries outweigh the lack of sound infrastructure and significant political risks?
  • Which two frontier countries in the Americas offer the best business environments to encourage investment and rapid mining sector growth, and which market is likely to be held back by political impediments?
  • In Asia, which frontier market possesses the fewest risks to the rapid growth of its mining sector, and in which market is growth likely to be curtailed by poor infrastructure and the lack of a skilled workforce?
  • Which European country will be most significantly impacted by the development of the mining sector if investors are willing and able to overcome an almost complete lack of adequate mining infrastructure?

In addition to detailing the potential benefits within frontier mining markets, and identifying which countries will benefit most, the report provides analysis of the key risks and challenges for the sector in frontier countries, including a lack of adequate infrastructure and fickle business environments, giving you a fully rounded view on which to base your investment strategy.