Global Cotton: Shifting Order To Create Opportunities


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Global Cotton: Shifting Order To Create Opportunities
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The global cotton market is shifting from historical producers and consumers to new markets, which we believe will create new opportunities for retail companies and apparel manufacturers. We highlight in the report the main winners and losers of these changes.

Business Monitor International (BMI) has published a Special Report highlighting the major shifts underway in cotton production and consumption globally. The report focuses on the main historical centres of the global cotton industry and the challenges they are facing. The decline of these centres will create major opportunities for historically smaller producers and consumers and we expect a new balance of power to emerge in the cotton industry over the medium term.

Key topics evaluated in the report include:

  • Why will the US and China struggle to maintain steady growth in cotton production?
  • Which countries will benefit from this struggle?
  • What will China's significance in the global textile industry be by the end of our forecast period?
  • Where will investment flows into the industry come from?
  • Will these countries face challenges of their own?

BMI identifies which countries will experience the strongest growth in production and consumption for the cotton/textile industry and which will be left behind.

The Special Report draws upon BMI’s expertise to provide maximum integration of our country risk and industry analysis. The views are integrated, forward looking and independent. The breadth of our sector analysis, data and forecasts makes this report an invaluable guide to critical themes for a sector that will remain central to the Asian economic growth story, and helps you assess the role they could play in your company’s growth strategy for 2014 and beyond.