Global Macro Monitor

Published 26 August 2015 | Monthly

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Global Macro Monitor

The Global Macro Monitor monthly newsletter brings together all Business Monitor International's wholly independent and respected key macroeconomic forecasts, assumptions and market views into a single, monthly publication, bringing you an in-depth overview of the global economy and perspective on how global macroeconomic changes will impact on your operations.

Coverage includes BMI's Country Risk and Financial Markets team's global outlook, with unrivalled coverage of developed states, as well as key regional and country-by-country stories of emerging states in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East & North Africa - all backed by BMI's 25 years of emerging markets specialization.

Table of Contents

  • Global Macro Outlook - Each month GMM assesses the outlook for the global economy, leveraging off Business Monitor International's worldwide country forecasts. The analysis gives particular focus to the key drivers of economic growth, the US, Japan, the eurozone and China, detailing key macro trends and forecasts. 
  • Key Global Market Views - The Key Market Views, which make up our Mock Portfolio matrix, are intended to give an immediate perspective on our key financial market views across global markets. Although our analysts produce many views across asset classes, only those adjusted to represent our top three per region are included in the matrix. When a position is closed, either because we are 'taking profit', have hit our target or have hit our stop-loss, we will record it in our 'Closed Views' table - win or lose.
  • Regional Market Views and Outlooks - Within each of the five emerging market regions covered in GMM - Emerging Europe, Emerging Asia, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East & North Africa - we present a more detailed look at the key financial market views we currently hold for those regions, including our rationale for entering the positions, price targets, and a list of closed views. 
  • Global and Regional Assumptions - GMM includes a section dedicated to BMI's in-house forecasts for growth, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates across key states over a five-year period, including the US, the eurozone, Japan, and China. Additionally, key regional aggregate macroeconomic forecasts and explanatory outlooks are provided for Developed States, Emerging Asia, Latin America, Emerging Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East & North Africa. 
  • Global Commodities Outlooks & Forecasts - GMM's dedicated commodities section provides a monthly outlook for key markets including oil, industrial and precious metals, softs and grains. The commodities section includes supply and demand forecasts, price projections, and technical analysis, supplemented with key inventory and price charts.

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