Global Quarterly Shipping and Freight View - Q110


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Global Quarterly Shipping and Freight View - Q110
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Business Monitor International (BMI)'s special report `Global Quarterly Shipping and Freight View - Q110' takes a look at the short- and long-term prospects for the global shipping and freight transport industry.

The report examines access to funding in the shipping market, prospects for continued recovery in air freight volumes, the shifting dynamics of market share within the shipping sector, and the investment required to meet the growing demand for imports from a rapidly urbanising China.

Key Findings

  • A further wave of debt and equity offerings in 2010 are predicted with shipping firms continuing to turn to investors in bond and equity markets for support as banks remain risk adverse and therefore reluctant to give loans.
  • The recovery in global air freight volumes will continue, following on from the global airfreight market's recovery in Q409 when y-o-y growth hit 24.4% in December 2009.
  • Shipping lines will be re-evaluating their exposure to the box shipping market as container companies are estimated to have lost around US$20bn in 2009 and recovery in the market is likely to be sluggish.
  • Chinese import demands will continue to overwhelm global suppliers, significant investment will be needed if the long-term negative impact of congestion on trade is to be avoided and if suppliers are to boost potential trade receipts in this area.