Japan After The Quake: Resurgence Or Another Lost Decade


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Japan After The Quake: Resurgence Or Another Lost Decade
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"The ability of the Japanese economy to recover from disaster has been extremely encouraging. Nonetheless, there will inevitably be a long-term hangover, which will exacerbate the country's structural flaws?"

Which areas of the economy are best placed to outperform? And which are most fraught with risks in the post-crisis period? The special report, 'Japan After The Quake: Resurgence Or Another Lost Decade?', answers these questions and more.

The report contains Business Monitor International (BMI)'s independent macro and micro-economic analysis on Japan's post-crisis economy. It evaluates the key trends which have occurred since the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster, allowing you to assess how far Japan has come since the crisis in terms of economic stabilisation, industry consolidation and in dealing with the nuclear crisis.

Use this report to help you identify key risks and potential areas of outperformance in the sector(s) you operate in, via the summaries of BMI's core views for the coming months across 6 industries (retail, agribusiness, IT, automotives, commercial banking and power).

In addition to short and medium-term coverage, the report contains long-term forecasts allowing you to gain a clear understanding of the structural risks in Japan and incorporate these into your business planning activities.

Use the report to support your investment decision-making and risk planning, by answering questions such as:

  • Are consensus expectations for GDP growth of 2.9% in 2012 too optimistic?
  • As consumer confidence is seemingly on the mend and retail sales have started to improve, is the retail sector starting to look up?
  • Which retailers look poised to benefit in this challenging retail environment by capitalising on 'back-to-basics' consumer spending?
  • How will Japan's ICT sector fare faced with exports hit by supply chain disruptions, power shortages, slow US recovery and concerns over Europe's debt situation?
  • Will there be a resumption of nuclear generation in 2012 and beyond?
  • Over the long term will Japan gradually switch to renewable energy?
  • What 3 factors stand in the way of Japan achieving anything more than meagre real GDP growth? And, what will real GDP growth average per annum over the next decade?