Multinational Infrastructure Companies in Emerging Europe Online Database

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  • Approximately 4760 Senior Executives
  • 2640 Validated Multinational Companies
“The Database has proved extremely useful. We use it mainly for targeting clients and with this product our boundaries are limitless.“ 

Knowledge Co-ordinator,

Deloitte & Touche.



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Multinational Infrastructure Companies in Emerging Europe Online Database
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The Multinational Infrastructure Companies in Emerging Europe Online Database contains the latest available, individually researched data for 4760 senior executives at 2640 leading American, Asian, European and Middle Eastern & African multinational companies and key local companies in Emerging Europe.

About the Multinational Infrastructure Companies in Emerging Europe Online Database

The Multinational Infrastructure Companies in Emerging Europe Online Database is a powerful, cost-effective business development and research tool delivered by an online database.. It allows unlimited access to search, copy, print, export or save data selections of multinational Infrastructure companies in Emerging Europe and their key contacts.

Key benefits for Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance and Research Teams

Our Multinational Infrastructure Companies Database is a must-have marketing tool for all executives conducting business in Emerging Europe, ideal for market assessment and planning, benchmarking, competitor tracking and securing new customers, partners or suppliers for sales and marketing.

Data provided includes:

  • Full Company Name & Postal Address
  • Company Email, Phone & Fax
  • Local & Global Websites
  • Key Personnel & Job Titles
  • Sales Volumes (US$)*
  • Employee Sizes*
  • Nationality & Year of Establishment*
  • Primary & Secondary Industry Classifications
  • Job Functions

*The coverage may vary between entries.

Output targeted selections in printed or electronic formats:

  • Export - Choose any combination of data types to produce unlimited bespoke exports of mailing lists, support telesales efforts and build customised databases.
  • Copy your company and contact selections to your clipboard.
  • Print your company and contact selections straight from your screen.

Search, segment and target using:

  • Company Name & Address - Immediately source strategic data on a potential customers, partners, suppliers or competitors based on their name and/or location.
  • Job Titles Use free-text searches to instantly target specific job titles.
  • Employee Sizes* Identify small, medium and large companies by employee categories from under 49 employees to 5000 or more.
  • Sales Volumes (US$)* Assess revenue potential using our 11 revenue categories from under 5000 to over one billion USD.
  • Nationality/Year of Establishment* Understand company culture based on the nationality of a company and its key associates and assess each company's needs based on their maturity.
  • Company Hierarchies and Associations Each company entry is classified as global or regional headquarters, country head office or branch office, with all associated data now fully searchable and downloadable.
    Over 20,000 dynamic links help you to understand key relationships between major multinational organisations and those in key emerging markets including affiliations, agents, distributors, franchisees, joint ventures, partnerships, representative offices, resellers and subsidiaries.
  • Key Job Functions Easily reach the top decision-makers in Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR and Information Technology.
  • Primary & Secondary Industries Identify the core business activity of each company from the 34 primary industries listed below and/or those active in other industries, as well as those who supply and service these industries.

*The coverage may vary between entries.

Key countries in this database include:

Bosnia-Herzegovina Kyrgyzstan Slovakia
Bulgaria Latvia Slovenia
Croatia Lithuania Tajikistan
Czech Republic Macedonia Turkey
Estonia Poland Turkmenistan
Greece Romania Ukraine
Hungary Russia Uzbekistan
Kazakhstan Serbia

How is the data researched?

The BMI corporate intelligence team identifies and creates records of the contact information of key companies in each of the 15 key industries across 4 major regions. Questionnaires are sent by email to companies who complete and return them updating key appointments, leavers and changes to contact information. Remaining companies are then validated by our dedicated research teams in London and in-country agents using telephone questionnaires. BMI has long-established relationships with local partners based in each country to ensure that the data in every one of our directories is up-to-date and accurate.