Myanmar: From Promise To Profits


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Myanmar: From Promise To Profits
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Myanmar continues to progress down the long path towards political and economic development, solidifying our feelings that the country's recent awakening is the 'real deal.' While the past year and a half has not been without its pitfalls and unforeseen challenges, we note that, more importantly, Myanmar's leadership appears to be dedicated to maintaining the country's strong reform momentum. Concurrently, the military has retained a relatively low profile, allowing Myanmar's young democracy to adopt a series of crucial economic reforms and shifting fears of a return to direct authoritarian rule further towards the backburner.’

Business Monitor International (BMI), has just published a brand new special report, Myanmar: From Promise to Profits, where we examine whether Myanmar’s emerging investment story has lived up to its early promise and which sectors are likely to prove the most attractive to investors over the long-term.

The report identifies the potential rewards on offer in Myanmar, one of the hottest frontier markets in the world today and the key challenges to doing business there. It also examines the sectors that are likely to out-perform, with close examination of the agribusiness, automotives, infrastructure, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, power, shipping, and telecoms sectors.

The granularity of our analysis, data, and project information makes this report one of the most exhaustive cross-examinations of Myanmar's near- and long-term prospects in the market today.

Use BMI’s core views on Myanmar’s investment landscape, which is comprehensively backed up by data and forecasts, to understand the opportunities and risks within the marketplace to your operations in order to enhance your investment decision-making.

The report answers key questions, such as:

  • Can Myanmar's newfound political stability be taken for granted?
  • What is the outlook for the kyat currency?
  • What lessons should infrastructure investors learn from recent project difficulties?
  • Will Myanmar's natural resource potential attract the global commodities giants?
  • Does Myanmar have what it takes to thrive as an automotives hub?
  • Can the country's dormant agriculture sector take off?

The special report draws on BMI’s 30 years of experience to critically evaluate the investment landscape of Myanmar, helping you assess the role it could play in your company’s growth strategy for 2013 and beyond.