The Top 10 Mobile Operators in Sub-Saharan Africa

Published 05 August 2010

  • 46 pages
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The Top 10 Mobile Operators in Sub-Saharan Africa

Business Monitor International (BMI)'s special report `The Top 10 Mobile Operators In Sub-Saharan Africa' examines how the largest mobile operators in Sub-Saharan Africa are faring at maintaining the growth that has been the biggest draw for investors to the region.

Identifying which operators have been most successful in achieving profit-making operations in this region, and reasons for success, this report provides insight both to improve the fortunes of struggling operations and to guide operators likely to be in a similar position to the larger operators in a few years.

Key Findings

  • Sub-Saharan Africa is virtually the last big growth frontier in telecoms, the continental average mobile penetration is low at close to 30% at the end of 2009.
  • Nigeria is the largest mobile market in Africa, even though it is still in a rapid growth phase with a penetration rate of around 50% at the end of 2009.
  • Strategy as well as market size is important to attaining customer growth in African telecoms markets, with increasing access to services, aggressive expansion, lowering costs of access, attractive pricing offers and service quality all key strategies.
  • With continuing low demand for postpaid services those able to make prepaid work will survive, successful prepaid operators tend to have large and strong distribution networks and preferential on-network pricing to increase loyalty.
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