Unconventional Liquid Bulk Sectors To Outshine Traditional Crude Tankers

Published 02 August 2012

  • 43 pages
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Unconventional Liquid Bulk Sectors To Outshine Traditional Crude Tankers

'BMI believes that crude oil tanker operators will continue to suffer in 2013, and that rates will remain depressed. Some respite for companies' bottom lines will come from the drop in bunker prices, but even this is unlikely to compensate for the poor rates currently commanded by the industry. The global fleet remains oversupplied, and moves towards scrapping older vessels will struggle to compete with the number of vessels yet to come online. Although the orderbook has decreased, the current low prices at shipyards may prove too tempting for operators, and this could rise once again, prolonging the overcapacity problem...'

Business Monitor International (BMI) has just published the brand new special report 'Unconventional Liquid Bulk Sectors To Outshine Traditional Crude Tankers' which offers an in-depth assessment of the challenges that the global crude oil shipping sector faces in the closing months of 2012 and into 2013.

The report, written to support the business planning and investment decision-making of those with commercial interests in the crude oil shipping sector, can be used to assess the outlook for 2012/2013 and over the medium term. Use the report to understand the exposure of your company and that of your competitors to the market changes; including exposing potential opportunities and risks, informing you about key bellwethers within the industry, as well as enabling you to benchmark other analysis.

Use BMI's analysis to support your investment decision-making and risk planning activities, by answering key questions, such as:

  • With a sizeable order book still to enter service, is overcapacity likely to continue haunting the sector?
  • Will operators manage to raise daily returns as more capacity comes online?
  • With the recent fall in bunker prices, how is this set to change yet again?
  • Where could political risk come from and how would this impact the industry?
  • What strategies are operators employing to offset the insufficient demand growth?
  • What opportunities are available in the growing offshore sector?

The report draws on BMI's 27 years experience to critically assess the outlook for global crude oil shipping in the year to come, helping you assess the opportunities and risks for your business in 2012 and beyond.

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