Batteries: Transforming The Energy System, Shaping The Future

This special report provides an introduction to the battery storage market by showcasing and collating BMI’s insight and analysis on the sector, drawing from industry trends in the renewables, power and autos segments.

Batteries have the potential to alter the global energy sector as we know it, and substantially shape the power & renewables, autos and oil & gas sectors of the future. The most notable disruptive effect would be that the continued evolution of batteries could help integrate more intermittent renewables in the power mix, and support greater electrification in the transport sector - eroding the demand for fossil fuels. This report assesses how this would happen, what technologies are likely to take us there, and which policies will support greater commercialisation of battery storage technology.

 BMI Research's unique holistic approach brings together analysis on impacts, technology and policy making this a must-have, timely report.


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Batteries: Transforming The Energy System, Shaping The Future
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The report will focus on three crucial factors that will guide the development and uptake of battery technology over the coming decade:

  • Why? Battery Storage Is The Ultimate Disrupter. We will discuss how batteries can enable the integration of an increasing intermittent renewables power supply and support greater electrification efforts in the transport sector – with the technology having the potential to erode fossil fuels’ dominance as the global 'go-to' energy resource.
  • What? The Outlook For Various Battery Technologies. The huge disruptive potential of batteries has led a plethora of technology developers to look to the market. This section will discuss why we expect lithium-ion batteries to outperform other forms of technology.
  • How? Supportive Policy Crucial To Realising Potential. Supportive policy will be crucial component of realising the potential of battery storage. We will identify what type of policy that is likely to be employed in a variety of power and transport markets, and which countries we believe will be at the forefront of such efforts.